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crivellaro valeurs coutures 650x535

Fully responsible creation

The ecological-minded Réserve des Arts, a real treasure shrine dedicated to the recuperation of material for the benefit of cultural firms, acts as a catalyst for ecological consciousness, and a booster for reasonable luxury creativity. There, the handicraft designer acquires the clearance stocks of top quality leather coming from tanneries and French luxury houses, and meant for revival.

As a result, L« giving access to luxury of a human and thoughtful kind », becomes the clue to her creative and responsible purpose aiming at a long-lasting approach.

Why buy materials elsewhere when so many delightful resources do exist at home?

Contributing to the cultural revolution of the excellency of French expertise

« I became aware of the exceptional value of these leather samples from unemployed stocks ; I derived most of my inspired creations from my discoveries. »

Restoring their value in order to make them perennial stands for me as a means among others to contribute to the true, current Cultural Revolution embracing the excellency of French creativity.

Since 2016 each step in the creation of the collections has been conducted by Florence Crivellaro in her workshop in the Parisian vicinity, from leather cutting to assembling, from polishing to finishing touches entirely performed by hand.

crivellaro valeurs cuirs 1000x550
crivellaro bouton shop 1920x345

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