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Good taste, pleasure, art, time, beauty, history, knowledge, are as many words that account for the reason why I sew by hand, my favorite working process.

crivellaro savoir faire 650x535

Contributing to the artistic handicraft tradition

Cutting, shaping, trimming, angle smoothing off, measuring, pitching, sewing, sleeking, patinating, lubricating, polishing...

Fashion leather work requires the mastery of the saddlery sewing tradition whose various steps are performed entirely by hand with a linen or silk thread, ensuring everlasting solidity and longevity to each item.

The designer perpetuates the excellency of this French know-how by providing thorough care to her creations whose metal supports come from the very suppliers of the greatest luxury Parisian houses.

Handicraft creation means a world to me. From conception to the last wax finishing touch, I perform all the creation steps by hand with meticulous care and some kind of obsession to every single detail.

Conciliating luxury and ecological-mindedness

With a view to being ecology-minded, Florence Crivellaro has deliberately selected the major part of her leather material at the Réserve des Arts, thus giving her creations a limited ecological impact. Whether in limited production or as unique pieces, each one of her little sets is created with high quality leather for which the designer, as often as possible, uses non-chemical tanning, avoiding therefore rough treatment of the skins. For the lining she appeals to other French tanneries famous for their excellency, in order to ensure the permanence of the colors.

crivellaro savoir faire cuirs 1000x550

Leather provides me with the interplay of emotions involving the eye, the hand, and the heart. Your Name

crivellaro savoir faire notes 650x535

Meeting both emotion and inspiration

Florence’s creations are by no means guided by any trend books nor fashion insights, they are spontaneously born from her discoveries stemming from the uninterrupted in-flow of skins coming from the Houses and the luxury tanneries of the Réserve des Arts.

And consequently the magic arises from the meeting between leather of an unusual shade and the designer’s hands, moving from shelves to rolls of skins, from hues to hides.

I more often than not touch, feel, let my eyes and hands roam about, and there comes the moment when everything merges to bring about an idea, a creation, a new collection.

A journey into the core of leather and color

Creating in a slow-pace, in a sincere and responsible way, does not eclipse her desire to echo women’s needs and wishes to hold a contemporary leather piece in hand or by the handle.

crivellaro savoir faire inspirations 1000x550

And, ”while creating under conditions is for her quite exciting”, she will give vent to the interpretation of skins marked by her passion for travels. An emerald alligator will remind her of the waters along the coastline of Groix Island, or the seas of Vietnam, a country she has so many times explored.

crivellaro savoir faire paris tokyo 1000x550

Likewise, her Paris-Tokyo bag will earn its name thanks to a special order made by a Japanese customer.

As a boundless source of inspiration, colors are at the root of each collection. And so, the lively Roland Garros collection will subtly refer to clay tennis courts, so typical of summer time events in Paris.

crivellaro bouton shop 1920x345

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