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From accurate figures to exacting gestures

The story of a born-designer’s return to former love affairs. Though immersed in the financial world for many years, Florence Crivellaro, for the matter, has never given up the desire to make of her passion her present day vocation.

In 2016, she started a gentle though obvious evolution towards luxury handicraft out of her love for noble materials, and respect for traditions.


« Dedicating my sense of precision and accuracy to expertise, and expressing it through handicraft, has fully been part of my personal progress like a return to what has always obsessed me, creating accessories that time will ennoble. ».


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Crivellaro Paris Fondatrice Artisan Creatrice couture main

Time, the lord of expertise

As a core value, Time becomes the precious ally of a return to the tangible, offering us its slow- moving tempo permanently controlled at each step, from the conception to the final finishing touches in the confection of the items with the saddlery stitch.


« Time also means transmitting the expertise of the Compagnons du Devoir who trained me to the technical needs of saddlery and the excellency required by luxury leather goods. »


Beyond the mastery of gestures, leather was to become her dedicated work material resulting from a drastic selection. Her chance meeting with the Réserve des Arts turned out to be decisive in her brand vision enhanced by a desire to fashion this noble material in a revisited spirit of responsible luxury coupled with a slight ecological impact.


Crivellaro Paris Fondatrice Artisan Creatrice reserve des arts

Fully responsible creation

The ecological-minded Réserve des Arts, a real treasure shrine dedicated to the recuperation of material for the benefit of cultural firms, acts as a catalyst for ecological consciousness, and a booster for reasonable luxury creativity. There, the handicraft designer acquires the clearance stocks of top quality leather coming from tanneries and French luxury houses, and meant for revival.


As a result, « giving access to luxury of a human and thoughtful kind », becomes the clue to her creative and responsible purpose aiming at a long-lasting approach.

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Contributing to the cultural revolution of the excellency of French expertise

« Why buy materials elsewhere when so many delightful resources do exist at home?

I became aware of the exceptional value of these leather samples from unemployed stocks ; I derived most of my inspired creations from my discoveries. »


Restoring their value in order to make them perennial stands for me as a means among others to contribute to the true, current Cultural Revolution embracing the excellency of French creativity.

Since 2016 each step in the creation of the collections has been conducted by Florence Crivellaro in her workshop in the Parisian vicinity, from leather cutting to assembling, from polishing to finishing touches entirely performed by hand.


Crivellaro ligne separation

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