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“Whether you choose an existing model or a model to personalize, or even a made-to-measure model, I will take the time to talk, to exchange with you for you to make your future leather companion your own. For my greatest pleasure you will then become an ambassador of fine creativeness, sobriety, and elegance.”

You can contact me to discuss it.

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“I set time at the core of my values.

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Hot stamping your initials

For you or as a gift, affixing the initials to a piece of leather goods gives it additional elegance and sentimental value.

The hot stamping is done in the color of your choice.

On request, we also offer 22k gold gilding.

Contact us

Try the experiment on personalization!

Fancy a special hue? In search of a kind of leather with unique smoothness? You mean to create your own accessory, fitting your own taste.

The creative designer welcomes you both at the Réserve des Arts and at her Parisian suppliers’ workshops, to materialize your specific creation based on her existing patterns.

Colors, skins, thickness, touch, Florence Crivellaro will immerse you into a true exploration of plentiful choices enhanced by regular supplies, through a selection of top quality skins (python, crocodile, caprine, ostrich, fur), and she will advise you about the right tint for the edge, or the fit color for the thread or the strap.

Experimenting a made-to-measure creation for yourself or as a gift for a relative or a close friend rests on conversations with the designer so as to define your project, the reception of samples and the follow-up of all the steps, from conception to the Crivellaro branded wrapping.

To live this experience, contact Florence Crivellaro

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